Day 17: Favorite horror franchise

I got a couple days behind on this sadly thanks to some personal issues, but here comes some posts!

Scream has been my little obsession since I viewed the first one an obnoxious amount of times the summer it was released on VHS.  Yes, VHS.  I have owned the first three films on VHS, the first three films on DVD and now I have that lovely Blu-ray set with the first three films and two documentaries.  And when Scream 4 came out, I was there opening day.  I went to a much earlier showing, because I’m cheap, and I adored each and every second.  I know that people complain about the fourth one, but I’m still not sure how people could hate on the feature.  And oddly enough the fourth film was the first film review I ever wrote.  Seems kinda fitting and to be honest most of my opinions on the franchise can be found in that one review.

In short, the franchise has introduced me two of my favorite actors, Liev Schriber and Timothy Olyphant, and has provided many laughs, tears, and jumps along the way.  While I’ll never understand why the third went in the direction it did, I honestly think it would have been interesting to make Sidney the killer at that point (maybe even Gale the more I think about it), but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.  It’s not even as bad as I once made it out to be.  I think it’s actually a bit underrated, but as much as I love Scott Foley, I almost wish they had a stronger actor portraying her brother.  I also wish they hadn’t made it so obvious if he were going to be the only killer.  Maybe that is my problem overall.  They kinda neglected the two killer formula that they had built up over the years.  Either way, the franchise is one I will never tire of and one that I will view each and every sequel that arrives in theaters.  

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